Results from our 2018 seller survey

Earlier this year we asked over 1,500 of our sellers to fill in our first seller survey. Here are some of the results, and what we’re doing about them. How happy are you with Brandpa overall? On average, our sellers rated their satisfaction with Brandpa as 7.8 out of 10. Most sellers rated us 8 […]

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More control over your domains

As of today, we’re starting to roll out a series of features offering more control over your domain names on Brandpa. Specify your own descriptions For all domains submitted from today, sellers will be given the option of specifying their own text descriptions: We’ve aimed to make this process as simple as possible and to […]

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Issue with seller stats and hotness scores

Issue fixed

We recently discovered an issue affecting all sellers stats, in particular hotness scores. Almost all stats between 1st – 24th June 2018 were severely reduced, with hotness being incorrect during this time. This was caused by a change to the infrastructure of our website. Before the 1st of June, every time someone requested a webpage […]

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Beautiful banners for everyone

Logo banner

We’re pleased to announce that as of today, all domains on Brandpa feature a range of banner images, like these: Until now we had to create these images manually, which meant they were limited to a small percentage of our overall domains. We’ve developed technology to automate their production, so we can now offer this […]

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Celebrating Brandpa’s first birthday

Brandpa birthday

A little over a year today, Brandpa sold its first domain name. Since then we’ve been growing pretty damn fast. Let’s take a look at what happened between April 2017 – April 2018. Sales This is a graph of how much Brandpa paid our sellers each month: April 2018 is only half over as we write […]

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Introducing the Brandpa designer functionality

Designer marketplace

When Brandpa started, we designed every logo on our site by ourselves. But as we grew, we found ourselves needing over 100 new logos a week, then almost 200. It was clear we needed help. Today we’re proud to unveil a system we’ve developed with a select team of our favourite designers. It allows us to […]

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Improved favourites, support and more

New Brandpa updates

We’ve significantly improved the favourites feature on our website. Visitors can now: Share their favourites via email Print them out to present Download a list of them as a spreadsheet We also added some nicer animations, a favourites count, and made favourites much easier to see and use throughout the site. This should make it […]

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Rethinking price suggestions

Brandpa price suggestions

We’re updated the way that sellers can suggest new prices for their domains. Firstly, we now allow sellers to set the price for their domains 20% higher or lower than our appraised price (we round the prices a little, so it may not be exactly 20%). You can only do this once a domain has […]

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We’re back, and better than ever

Brandpa is back!

We recently took 2 weeks off to redesign and rebuild all of Brandpa’s systems. And now we’re back, with plenty to share. Seller’s dashboard This has been rebuilt from the ground up with a tonne of refinements: We now tell you roughly how long a stage will take, e.g. how many days appraisal is currently […]

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Temporary suspension of new domain submissions

Important update

Since our conception, Brandpa have been about quality not quantity. We’ve always looked at accepting only the best quality domains and creating great logos to accompany these names. During the past month we’ve received an unprecedented volume of domains: December 2017: 320 / week January 2018: 400 / week February 2018: 1080 / week and […]

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