Hot domains, export, and analytics update

We’ve launched a few updates that affect all Brandpa sellers. Introducing hot domains A hot domain is getting unusually high interest, across a wide range of metrics. Essentially, our AI thinks it is more likely to sell. Hot domains help to create more urgency for buyers and tell sellers what parts of their portfolio are […]

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Introducing free listings and much more

Today we’re making a wide range of improvements to Brandpa, which impact all sellers immediately. Free and Pro listings Brandpa now support two types of listing: Free or Pro. Free listings are new, and are designed to give you the best looking and best converting free landing page you’ll find anywhere. Each listing is decorated with a […]

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How to set up a GBP account with

If you don’t already have an account with Wise, simply register using their multi-currency account (called “borderless) here. This is a free process, although you may be asked to make an opening deposit of around £20 GBP. This is to verify your identity, and is not a fee – the money they are asking for […]

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Analytics data now available to view

People gathered around analytics

Following our introduction of new analytics, you can now start to view analytics information for all of your domains. Because analytics has only been live for a week, all data over covers data since 7th March 2020. How to access analytics You can access analytics by viewing your “On sale” domains. For each domain, on […]

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The return of analytics and the end of hotness


Since late October, all of Brandpa’s seller analytics have been disabled. We’re pleased to announce a new analytics system is now in place. This means we’re now recording data on your domains. You won’t see new figures in your dashboard until at least a week of data has been collected. What’s new? Brandpa records what […]

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Introducing seller levels and benefits

As of today, Brandpa automatically award all of our sellers one of the following optional levels, with benefits. Requirements for each level Your level is awarded based on how much you’ve sold on Brandpa in the last 12 months: Bronze – sold $3,000 / year Silver – sold $10,000 / year Gold – sold $20,000 / year […]

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Lower listing fees, faster changes, and more

Terms of service

We’re pleased to announce a number of changes we think will improve the experience for Brandpa sellers. As of March 7th, 2021: All domain listings on Brandpa now cost $5 each. Previously sellers paid $8 if they joined after March 2020, or $5 if they joined before. Sellers are now given free listings if they […]

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Improved 3D renders for all domains

We’ve rolled out an update to the 3D brand previews we create for all of our domains. These now include more variety, better lighting effects, and feature people alongside a brand. Here are some examples: These images serve two purposes: They appear in domain advertisements and retargeting, to help bring people to your domains. In […]

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Improved domain search, wave rankings, and more

Searching in hot air balloon

Brandpa’s domain search has been rebuilt to give buyers a much better experience. Concept searches Searching Brandpa for “sleep” will return matches for domains like “Nappable” and “Snoozemate”, even though these domains don’t contain the word “sleep”: Brandpa now attempts to understand the concepts and behind what the user is searching for, not just their […]

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Introducing keywords, domain optimisation, and more

We’re rolling out a range of updates to the Brandpa’s website today which affect all sellers. Keywords Our most-requested feature is here: the ability to set custom keywords to help with the discover of your domains. Keywords allow buyers to search for words and expressions which aren’t inside the domain itself. Domain optimisation We anticipate […]

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