Analytics data now available to view

People gathered around analytics

Following our introduction of new analytics, you can now start to view analytics information for all of your domains.

Because analytics has only been live for a week, all data over covers data since 7th March 2020.

How to access analytics

You can access analytics by viewing your “On sale” domains. For each domain, on a desktop computer, you will see three new columns. Clicking any of the numbers here will show you more detail:

On mobile you need to tap the button to the right-hand side of your domain, and select “Analytics”:

The full detail screen looks like this:

Each box contains an explanation of what it covers.

At the bottom, if your domain is a few days old, we also break out some information as graphs over time:

Why duration?

Our research has shown that just measuring views is a poor indicator of interest.

In the old Brandpa analytics, if a page was loaded and it contained a domain name, we assumed that domain was looked at, and that counted as a view.

Of course it’s possible that someone never scrolled down to even see your domain, or that they scrolled so quickly past it that it couldn’t have been viewed, or they left immediately. In all of these cases, a traditional measure of a view is useless.

Our new analytics measures “glances”, or the time people are paying attention to a domain –¬†specifically, a domain must be scrolled into view, the user must be active (e.g. not in another browser tab, or have left their browser alone), and it must have been on screen for at least two seconds.

We believe this is a superior measure of the exposure and interest that your domain is receiving. But we also show you more traditional metrics, such as views and clicks.

What’s next?

Because there’s only a week of data currently, we’re showing you a simple view for now. As more time goes by, we’ll add date filters, so you can drill down further.

Eventually many of these metrics will become ‘over time’, e.g. “Views per month” and so on.

We also plan to add tools to help you compare different metrics for your domains, and benchmark against domains that sell.