Hot domains, export, and analytics update

We’ve launched a few updates that affect all Brandpa sellers.

Introducing hot domains

A hot domain is getting unusually high interest, across a wide range of metrics. Essentially, our AI thinks it is more likely to sell.

Hot domains help to create more urgency for buyers and tell sellers what parts of their portfolio are especially attractive.

In 2021, Brandpa had a similar feature which we retired, due to abuse. A handful of people tried to game hot domains by downloading their domains with thousands of bots. Because of this, our new “hot” calculation is unaffected by traffic. To avoid abuse, we won’t be disclosing how we calculate hot domains.

New export feature

Sellers can now export the list of their domains into a CSV file, which can be opened in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and other spreadsheet software.

Simply click the “Export” button above the list of your domains:

All of your stats are included in the export, not just the currently selected columns. This can be a handy way to snapshot and review your portfolio.

Analytics update

A number of sellers noticed that their analytics dropped after our big website update on 26th February 2022. This was confusing to us, as our sales and overall website traffic both increased during this time.

We believe we’ve now identified and fixed the cause.

Brandpa counts views to a domain name based on the domain being scrolled into view. For example, if someone searches for a keyword, we don’t count the domains shown as being ‘viewed’ until the user scrolls down to see them. The whole domain has to scrolled into view for a couple of seconds for this to count.

Our recent redesign significantly reduced the number of domains we were showing. In particular, we had more ‘header’, which the user needed to scroll past, and there were fewer columns for domains. Domains were larger, as was the pricing below a domain.

This created an attractive layout, but one that showed buyers fewer domains, hence the drop in analytics.

We’ve launched a number of design refinements today, which display more domains to buyers with less scrolling. Our homepage now also features more domains in three categories: Hot domains, Short domains, and Premium domains, which reflect the most popular areas on our website.

As always we’ll be keeping a close eye on our analytics and optimising for the most conversions, not views. But we anticipate that the number of “Brandpa views” in your dashboard will increase noticeably from this point on.