Issue with seller stats and hotness scores

Issue fixed

We recently discovered an issue affecting all sellers stats, in particular hotness scores. Almost all stats between 1st – 24th June 2018 were severely reduced, with hotness being incorrect during this time.

This was caused by a change to the infrastructure of our website. Before the 1st of June, every time someone requested a webpage from Brandpa, our servers calculated it and gave it to them. From the 1st of June, we started saving copies of the most common requests, and if many people asked for the same page, we only needed to calculate it once.

This made our website faster, but it had the unexpected side effect of not recording every time a page was requested; we only recorded one unique view per three hours. Similar side effects were experienced with how we count domains featured on our homepage, and those in search results.

Brandpa shows all sellers stats for how many times their domains are viewed, and we use these figures to help calculate the hotness of all of our domains. Because of this issue, a domain which received three visits an hour, and another which received 300,000 could have appeared equally popular. This significantly lowered all of our sellers stats.

As we only report on your last 90 days of activity in total, the effect was gradual and hard to notice. Most sellers will have seen their stats slowly fall throughout the last month. Newer sellers would have noticed a much sharper drop.

We’ve now identified and fixed the issue permanently. There’s no way for us to fix data from the affected period, but as new data comes in your 90 day averages will rise again.

We’re truly sorry for any confusion this issue has caused all of our sellers. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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