Improved favourites, support and more

New Brandpa updates

We’ve significantly improved the favourites feature on our website. Visitors can now: Share their favourites via email Print them out to present Download a list of them as a spreadsheet We also added some nicer animations, a favourites count, and made favourites much easier to see and use throughout the site. This should make it […]

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Temporary suspension of new domain submissions

Important update

Since our conception, Brandpa have been about quality not quantity. We’ve always looked at accepting only the best quality domains and creating great logos to accompany these names. During the past month we’ve received an unprecedented volume of domains: December 2017: 320 / week January 2018: 400 / week February 2018: 1080 / week and […]

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Changes to how we accept domains

Accepting names

We’ve made a few changes to what domains we accept and how we process them.┬áThese are designed to help us appraise names more quickly and to keep our quality (and your sales) high. We now only accept dot com domains The statistics are clear: customers want dot-coms. Other TLDs are less likely to sell and […]

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Social share directly from within your dashboard

Social sharing

We’re happy to announce that from today every seller can share their domains on Facebook and Twitter. What happens when you hit “Share” Once you hot one of the buttons, Brandpa will generate a post that can be posted on your Facebook or Twitter wall. Additionally, it’ll also add required hashtags so you don’t need […]

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