Temporary suspension of new domain submissions

Important update

Since our conception, Brandpa have been about quality not quantity. We’ve always looked at accepting only the best quality domains and creating great logos to accompany these names.

During the past month we’ve received an unprecedented volume of domains:

  • December 2017: 320 / week
  • January 2018: 400 / week
  • February 2018: 1080 / week and growing

Recently we made changes to reduce the submission of low-quality domains, which has almost doubled our approval rate. As a result, approvals take longer (less obviously bad names to reject) and we’re now having to design as many as 250 logos / week.

This is beyond what we’re able to handle, and we’re unable to structurally fix it because the work itself is taking all of our time.

As of today (5th March 2018) we’re temporarily suspending the submission of new domains and new seller applications. We expect this suspension to last 12 days (until 17th March 2018).

This suspension will allow us to catch up on our backlog, recruit more help, and implement new technologies to handle the demand.

During the suspension new sellers will not be able to sign up, and existing sellers will be unable to submit new domains. Existing domains will be appraised, listed and sold as normal.

We’re deeply sorry for the disruption to your service and appreciate your understanding.