Changes to how we accept domains

Accepting names

We’ve made a few changes to what domains we accept and how we process them. These are designed to help us appraise names more quickly and to keep our quality (and your sales) high.

  • We now only accept dot com domains
    The statistics are clear: customers want dot-coms. Other TLDs are less likely to sell and sell for a lower price.
  • We now reject all domains containing hyphens
    Domains cannot be submitted.
  • We only accept domains that have fewer than 12 characters
    We only count characters before the .com.
  • Sellers can now only submit 5 domains a day
    We’re experimenting with this, as we’ve found our best performing sellers have lower frequencies and higher quality.

To make these rules easier, we enforce them when you try to submit a domain. This frees us up to appraise names more quickly.