Improved favourites, support and more

New Brandpa updates

We’ve significantly improved the favourites feature on our website.

Visitors can now:

  • Share their favourites via email
  • Print them out to present
  • Download a list of them as a spreadsheet

We also added some nicer animations, a favourites count, and made favourites much easier to see and use throughout the site.


This should make it easier for potential buyers and sellers to keep track of their favourite domain names. We’ll be keeping an eye on the usage figures, and may share some of this data in future to help you measure how well your domains are doing.

Support site

We’ve created a new support site to help us manage growing demand more efficiently. You can search a wide range of articles and submit a support request to our team.

There’s a handy link to our support site in the top-right corner of your seller’s dashboard.

New commission rates for domains over $50k

Until now, we always charged 25% commission for all domains. But we’ve recently received some interest in listing more expensive domains, where 25% would be too expensive.

As of now, our commission structure has three tiers, depending on the list value of your domain:

  • 25% for domains priced below $50,000.
  • 20% for domains priced between $50,000 – $100,000.
  • 15% for domains priced above $100,000.

This doesn’t change anything for any existing domains, as we don’t currently list anything over $50k, but we expect to introduce higher value domains in the future. If you’re interested in listing higher value domains on Brandpa, get in touch.