How does Brandpa’s commission work?

Brandpa’s commission depends on the list price of the domain being sold:

  • 25% for domains priced below $50,000.
  • 20% for domains priced between $50,000 – $100,000.
  • 15% for domains priced above $100,000.

To remove any ambiguity:

  • Commission is payable on the final price that the domain sold for. For example, if you listed a domain for $5,000, agreed to sell it for $4,000, and sold it for $4,000, then the owner receives 75% of $4,000, and Brandpa’s commission is 25% of the $4,000.
  • Fees for the transferring of funds are paid by Brandpa, out of our commission.
  • Any applicable tax (e.g. VAT) is excluded. For most of our customers, tax does not apply; UK customers are a notable exception. For these customers, the cost of their tax is added to the listing price. For example, if a $10,000 domain was sold in the UK, the customer would be asked to pay $10,000 + $2,000 VAT. Brandpa’s commission would be $2,500, the domain owner would receive $7,500, and $2,000 VAT would be paid to the UK government.
  • If a buyer has special requirements outside of a domain sale they are not subject to commission. For example, if a buyer asks Brandpa to design a new logo for a domain – this would be a separate arrangement, and would not be covered by or subject to commission.