Rules for design projects

Brandpa allows designers and sellers to work together on logos for their domains. Both parties are expected to follow the following rules, or they may be barred or have their domains removed from Brandpa.


  • Designers must submit a first design within 6 hours of starting a project. If they fail to do so, the project is cancelled and assigned to another designer. Designers are not paid for cancelled projects.
  • Sellers must approve a design within 7 days of starting a project. If they fail to do so, responsibility for approving the design is automatically transferred to Brandpa. Brandpa will work with the designer to agree a logo they are happy with, and their decision will be final.

Be reasonable

  • Sellers can ask for up to three rounds of revisions. Asking for more is at the discretion of the designer. If a designer believes that the seller is being unreasonably demanding, they can ask Brandpa to join the conversation by clicking the Request help button, or cancel the project.
  • If a seller is unhappy with a designer, they can ask for help. If a seller believes a designer is not understanding their requirements, or providing a sufficiently good logo design, they can ask Brandpa to join the conversation by clicking the Request help button.
  • Sellers should make reasonable requests. Our designers are paid a small amount per logo ($4.50). This does not entitle the seller to excessive labour by the designer. If either party has concerns about this, they may ask Brandpa to join the conversation by clicking the Request help button.
  • Designers are only expected to complete the logo design. Sellers cannot ask them to complete additional work within that project, such as other designs.
  • Designers can cancel a project. If a designer is unable to complete a project for any reason, or does not believe they will be able to satisfy a seller’s requirements, they can choose to cancel it. Designers are not paid for the project when this happens.

Be nice

  • Your conversations may be read and monitored by Brandpa at any time to enforce our rules. 
  • You must treat each other courteously and with respect. Criticism of work is fine, but attacking other people is not.
  • Threats, sexual advances, and racially offensive language will result in a permanent ban from Brandpa.
  • Any attempt to hack, phish, scam, or otherwise compromise other users will result in a permanent ban from Brandpa.
  • Sellers and designers rate each other at the end of the design process. Brandpa monitor these ratings and may use them to investigate and potentially bar users who demonstrate consistently low satisfaction with other parties.

Intellectual property

  • Designers agree that the work they upload is their own. Specifically, designs cannot be stock or clip art, or used elsewhere.
  • The seller has no ownership of designs produced by this system. The copyright for all designs made by this system is owned by the designer, until a design is approved and final assets provided by the designer. At that point the copyright for the approved design is transferred to Brandpa. The seller cannot use or resell designs completed by the designer (nor they can use the approved logos in the personal portfolios). When a domain is purchased on Brandpa, the copyright for the logo is transferred from Brandpa to the domain’s new owner.

Be fair

  • The use of bots to automatically check for and assign design projects is prohibited. The use of bots can deny other designers a fair chance to design logos, and slow down our website. Brandpa monitors all designer accounts and may reduce or suspend your access if we detect activity performed by a bot.