Faster sales, transfers, and payouts

Faster payments

We’ve just launched an all-new fulfilment system that greatly improves our after-sales process. This means faster and easier sales for everyone!

Automated domain transfers on Brandpa
An example of what a buyer might see after purchasing a domain

Until now our team has had to handle all of your sales manually. This can mean a lot of emails for you and the buyer, and with different timezones involved a sale can take longer than we’d like.

We’ve now automated nearly everything. This means we can transfer your domains faster, and pay you faster.

For example, buyers are now given all their logos instantly, once they’ve paid. That’s one less manual step to hold up your payment:

Downloading design assets on Brandpa

We automatically gather all the details we need from the buyer and seller, and tell each person what they need to do to transfer or push their domains: 

More automated domain transfers on Brandpa
An example of the automated domain transfer process

Transfers can get really complicated but our system makes them simple. We provide automatic help for the buyer, so that they know how to handle even the more awkward domain registrars. For sales paid by instalments, we even handle all of the DNS changes:

Asking for DNS settings in Brandpa
Asking a buyer for DNS settings

Sellers can now check out the exact status of your earnings for any given sale. For example, has the buyer paid yet? Is there anything you need to do to receive payment? 

Reviewing seller earnings for a sale on Brandpa
Reviewing the status of your earnings for a sale

Once a transfer is confirmed, we now automatically authorise your payments. And you now receive an automated email confirmation when money is on its way to you.

Together with our new, faster payouts system, this means you could now complete a sale and be paid within 24 hours (subject to your bank and the speed at which you transfer the domain, which are outside of our control).

The new system affects all new sales made from July 29th 2019. You can learn more about it here.

Feedback? Questions?

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