Introducing the Brandpa designer functionality

Designer marketplace

When Brandpa started, we designed every logo on our site by ourselves. But as we grew, we found ourselves needing over 100 new logos a week, then almost 200. It was clear we needed help. Today we’re proud to unveil a system we’ve developed with a select team of our favourite designers. It allows us to […]

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Rethinking price suggestions

Brandpa price suggestions

We’re updated the way that sellers can suggest new prices for their domains. Firstly, we now allow sellers to set the price for their domains 20% higher or lower than our appraised price (we round the prices a little, so it may not be exactly 20%). You can only do this once a domain has […]

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Introducing negotiation settings

Negotiation settings

Brandpa now allows sellers to choose how they want to handle negotiation of their domain names. In other words: what happens if someone makes an offer for less than your asking price? With these settings you can help us negotiate on your behalf more efficiently. Or if you prefer, you can refuse to accept anything […]

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