Reasons now given when rejecting names

Reasons for rejections

We’ve heard from a lot of sellers that they don’t like it when their names are rejected without a reason. So from today, we’re adding short explanations to any domains we reject.

Reasons are short and most will be chosen from a standard list we’ve prepared:

  • Difficult to pronounce – we prefer names that are easy to say out loud
  • Difficult to spell – we prefer names that are self-explanatory to spell
  • Unclear audience – we prefer names we can see a clear target market for
  • Niche audience – we think this domain will be hard to sell
  • Insufficiently appealing – we didn’t like the name enough
  • Too similar to an established brand or trademark
  • We only accept exceptional names with TLDs other than dot com

We can provide a different, custom reason where needed.

We hope this helps make Brandpa a better website for all of our sellers!