Rethinking price suggestions

Brandpa price suggestions

We’re updated the way that sellers can suggest new prices for their domains.

Firstly, we now allow sellers to set the price for their domains 20% higher or lower than our appraised price (we round the prices a little, so it may not be exactly 20%).

You can only do this once a domain has been appraised, and immediately before you pay for it. Click Suggest new price and the permitted price range will be explained:

Secondly, if you suggest a price outside of this range, we now have a formal process for reviewing these prices, and we will give you specific feedback via both email and in your dashboard:

Please note that the vast majority of price changes outside of our 20% range will be rejected. We strive to price our domains fairly and consistently; we also aim to set prices that our own data suggests are likely to sell. If you choose not to accept our pricing, you can click the X icon next to a domain to remove it.