Improvements to seller admin

Allow coupons on your domain names

Today we’re rolling out some improvements for all sellers:

Check your own domains

You can now check yourself if your domains are pointed to Brandpa correctly:

  1. Log in to Brandpa
  2. Click Approved to view your approved names
  3. Next to each name you will see whether it is pointing to Brandpa (green) or not (red). If it is not pointing correctly, an explanation of the problem will be shown.
  4. The status of all names is checked automatically once a day, but you can check it on demand by clicking Check domains.
  5. Note that due to the way domains work, it can take up to 24 hours for any changes you make to take effect. It is possible for you to update a domain and Brandpa not to notice the change for up to 24 hours.


In the next couple of weeks we’ll be introducing coupons. These will allow us to offer a special discount to some of our customers as an incentive for them to shop on our website.

In preparation for this we are now asking whether you consent to sell your domains at up to 10% discount of their list price. This is entirely optional, but should result in higher sales for you.

Learn more about how coupons work

Domain comments

When submitting names, you can now add comments for individual domains. (Previously you could only add comments for all of your domains at once).