Introducing the Brandpa designer functionality

Designer marketplace

When Brandpa started, we designed every logo on our site by ourselves. But as we grew, we found ourselves needing over 100 new logos a week, then almost 200.

It was clear we needed help. Today we’re proud to unveil a system we’ve developed with a select team of our favourite designers. It allows us to collaborate on and create high quality logos in a fraction of the time.

How it works

Designers must apply to join our team. If approved, they can browse our list of domains that need logos and choose to work on them.

Our system allows designers to chat with us and share files. Generally we’ll go back-and-forth until we agree on a final design. Once Brandpa are happy, we can ask for the final assets to be submitted online.

Designers have 24 hours to submit a first design and 48 hours to reach a final design.

The finished design is rated out of 5 stars and funds are approved for payment. We pay designers a flat rate of $5 per logo.

Results so far

We’ve been using our new system for a little over a week, and our average logo design time has fallen to an average of 1.7 days per logo. This has allowed us to reduce the average listing time to just under a week.

Most importantly, we’d argue the quality of our new logos is excellent. All of these were completed by 3rd party designers using our new system:

Applying to be a designer

We’ve been working with a small group of designers that we know and are happy with, and right now we have enough capacity to handle our demand. But we’re growing fast. You can learn more about our designer functionality and apply to be a designer in future.