Changes to how we accept domains

Accepting names

We’ve made a few changes to what domains we accept and how we process them. These are designed to help us appraise names more quickly and to keep our quality (and your sales) high. We now only accept dot com domains The statistics are clear: customers want dot-coms. Other TLDs are less likely to sell and […]

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Lessons from NamesCon 2018

Lessons from NamesCon

Brandpa went to NamesCon this year. Here’s some highlights from what we learned. 1. For investors, .com is the only game in town We heard from investors, registrars and even the largest domain portfolio in the world. And we’re convinced that 95% of the value in domains is in .coms for the foreseeable future. There […]

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Introducing negotiation settings

Negotiation settings

Brandpa now allows sellers to choose how they want to handle negotiation of their domain names. In other words: what happens if someone makes an offer for less than your asking price? With these settings you can help us negotiate on your behalf more efficiently. Or if you prefer, you can refuse to accept anything […]

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Social share directly from within your dashboard

Social sharing

We’re happy to announce that from today every seller can share their domains on Facebook and Twitter. What happens when you hit “Share” Once you hot one of the buttons, Brandpa will generate a post that can be posted on your Facebook or Twitter wall. Additionally, it’ll also add required hashtags so you don’t need […]

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Add-on logo design

Logo design

From today, we’re offering a separate add on logo design service for our clients. We’ve had a few enquiries from our clients who wanted more logo options with a domain name they purchased. Since we have logo designer in house, we decided to simplify their experience and offer this service as an alternative as well. […]

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Introducing DNS domain redirections

DNS change

You can now redirect your domains to us by changing their DNS records. To do that, you’ll need to edit the nameservers for your domain in your registrar’s control panel. Set the first and second nameserver to: Leave any other nameservers blank. Your names won’t be redirected to us straightaway due to a […]

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Introducing seller widgets

As of today, sellers can feature their Brandpa names on their own websites with Brandpa widgets. Two types of widget are available: Grid and Carousel. Grid widget This widget displays domains in a grid, and is ideal for featuring a large number of domains at once. You can choose the order of the domains that you […]

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Aged domains now highlighted

Domains which were registered more than one year ago are now automatically highlighted on their right-hand-side: These names are also all tagged Aged domains, aiding our SEO for this term. We may add a search filter for aged domains in the near future. We’ve redesigned our listings pages to highlight age and other premium aspects […]

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