We’re back, and better than ever

Brandpa is back!

We recently took 2 weeks off to redesign and rebuild all of Brandpa’s systems. And now we’re back, with plenty to share.

Seller’s dashboard

This has been rebuilt from the ground up with a tonne of refinements:

  • We now tell you roughly how long a stage will take, e.g. how many days appraisal is currently taking. These estimates are calculated in real-time.
  • We show you dates relative to the current stage, e.g. how long you’ve been waiting for appraisal (“3 days”) instead of a fixed date (“2nd July”).
  • The “To pay” tab shows you how much your selected domains will cost in advance.
  • If you suggest a new price for a domain, Brandpa are notified. Previously we had to check for this manually which took a lot longer and could mean some suggestions were missed.
  • A new “Point to” tab shows the domains you haven’t pointed to Brandpa, and helps guide you through the process better.
  • A new “Underway” tab shows you what exactly is happening with your domains at any time – e.g. copy is being written, logos are being designed.
  • Several new tabs will only appear if there’s a problem: “Suspended”, “Expired”, “Violated”. These help explain when something has gone wrong, like your domains were not renewed.
  • The “Sold” tab now breaks out your earnings to date.
  • The “Rejected” tab now explains the current average rejection rate.
  • Previously you could only see 100 domains under any tab, which could prevent you from seeing some of your domains and mess with your apparent approval rating. There is no longer any limit.
  • We now email sellers more often, so it’s clearer what is happening: when your domains need to be paid for, need to be pointed to Brandpa, are being worked on, and are listed.

Sellers can now transfer domains to each other

Until now, this was a manual process, but a popular one. We’ve made it so you can do this yourselves now:

To transfer a domain that you own, go to the Listed tab in your seller’s dashboard, and click Transfer next to the domain you want to transfer. You’ll need the email address of the recipient, which has to be an existing Brandpa seller.

Domains with benefits

We now have the ability to sell domains bundled together. For example:

We do this for bundled Twitter and Facebook accounts too (see example).

If you have a domain like this, be sure to let us know when you submit the domain in your comments. We can add this to your existing domains on request.

Please note that bundled domains do not normally affect the price of your domain; we appraise names based on the value of the .com alone. However they may increase the likelihood of a sale.

Slack access for sellers

Sellers who have 15 of their own domains listed on Brandpa are now eligible for access to our insider’s Slack channel*.

Note that this excludes domains which are transferred to your account; only domains that you submitted yourself count. If you transfer domains away to someone else, those domains still count towards your total.

*Please bear with us while we setup all of your accounts, this may take us a short while.

Coming soon

This is about 10% of the changes we’ve made live yesterday. Most of what we’ve changed isn’t visible to sellers and customers, but is designed to help us manage exploding demand more efficiently.

We’ll be announcing more in the next week.

Stay tuned!