Why have my analytics changed suddenly?

If you’re wondering why Brandpa’s analytics look different from March 2021, learn about our new analytics system

Occasionally you might notice your analytics for a domain have changed more than you might expect.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Figures are updated once a day. So if yesterday was unusual, and your figures just updated, the change might seem quite sudden. You can check the graphs for a domain to see if the last day was different.
  • Glances can vary significantly due to wave rankings. Brandpa’s wave ranking aims to cycle which domains are featured more prominently at the top of search results. If your domain is near the top of a section, or our list of domains, it can receive a very high number of glances in a short time.
  • External views are almost always external events. These are people coming to your domain from outside of Brandpa. Your domain may be shared or linked to from a popular outside source.
  • Bots or human actors that we cannot detect may be viewing your domain. Brandpa detects the vast majority of bots automatically, so this is unlikely, but its not impossible. Some activity is indistinguishable from bots, even to Google. For example, some bots simulate human-like keyboard + mouse movements, and use computers from around the world. And of course some are just large groups of people.

We can’t dive into the details of any one incident, as this would consume all of our time, and the vast majority of investigations would be inconclusive. We do however keep an eye on ways to improve our bot filtering and make our analytics more useful to everyone.