How Brandpa calculates our analytics

This information applies to our new analytics system, launched on 7th March 2021.

What we exclude

All figures exclude automatically detected bots, Brandpa staff, and all of your own activity when you are logged in to Brandpa.

We do not exclude other sellers, as many of our sellers have been known to purchase domains. Less than 2% of our overall traffic comes from sellers.

How glances work

Glances measure when a domain is scrolled fully into view, for at least two seconds. Once a user stops being active (e.g. swapping tabs, or not touching their mouse/keyboard/phone) we assume they’re no longer paying attention.

This means a person who leaves their phone/computer looking at one domain will only count for about 10 seconds of view time.

How offers work

All offer counts exclude automatically detected bots and spam. We successfully block over 99% of spam, but occasionally some will get through.

To be clear, these figures cover offers which a computer thinks are not spam. After this initial and immediate reaction, we manually reach out to the person who made the offer. This may or may not result in a successful conversation. Some people do not reply, or change their mind, or were just messing around.

We always contact you if you receive a serious offer and we confirm that the offer is serious (i.e. we have a conversation with the buyer, and confirm they are real and able to pay). This process can take a day or more after an offer is received, which is normal, owing to differences in timezones. You do not need to ask us about your offers – if we identify have a serious offer we will always let you know.


There is no perfect way to detect bots, inactive, or fake users. Generally our approach is calibrated to be conservative, meaning we will exclude almost all bots and inactive users, potentially ignoring a small number of legitimate users.

How often are analytics updated?

All figures are updated every 24 hours, at some point through the day. Domains are updated gradually, not all at the same time.

Calculations only consider data from the past completed day, so you’ll never see figures for the current day.


All dates and times are GMT. Figures are updated after each complete calendar day.