Why does my domain not appear for a specific search?

Sometimes you might expect Brandpa to show your domain name for a specific search, and it does not. This article is intended to explain why.

Changes take time

Search results are updated one hour after any change to your domain listing, keywords, or other factors to impact our search.

If an hour hasn’t gone by yet, don’t expect to see any change in your search results.

Searches that should always match

For any domain on Brandpa, the following searches should always include your domain:

  • A search for the exact text inside your domain name (e.g. “eryson” for “eryson.com”)
  • A search for part of the text at the start or end of your domain name (e.g. “ery” for “eryson.com”)
  • An industry or style that the domain has been tagged with (e.g. Agriculture, Cryptocurrency)
  • A search for a keyword attached to the domain (e.g. Shop, CBD)

This does not mean that your domain should rank highly for any of these. Ranking is competitive between domains, and Brandpa will make its best determination for what domain should appear first. Learn more about domain rankings.

Searches that can sometimes match

Brandpa attempts to understand the concepts attached to a domain, not just the text inside it. For example, the domain “Documelt” might be about documents, and filing – even though those words are not written exactly in the text of the domain.

This is a complex art, and no human or computer is able to do it perfectly. If you aren’t appearing for a specific search, we highly recommend you add a keyword for it. If you are unable to do so (e.g. the keyword is not permitted), try adding related keywords.