How does Brandpa rank domain names?

Brandpa has complex systems to decide what order domains should be displayed in. This is an immensely complex problem, and in our case, the result of years of continuous research and development.

This is some of what we consider:

  1. Domain contains a keyword, or part of a keyword. In particular, we prefer domains which start or end with a relevant, valuable keyword, e.g. “Buyster”, “Farmlo”, “Ecomville”. When a buyer searches for a specific keyword, we prefer to show domains with related keywords first.
  2. Domain is tagged with a keyword. Sellers have the ability to manually tag a domain with keywords that are not inside the domain itself. These are particularly important for brandable domains, which may not contain text that Brandpa can understand.
  3. Sellable qualities. We build a mathematical model of the types of domain that sell more often, and prefer domains that match those criteria. We consider length, price, pattern, fluency, and many other factors.
  4. Manual ratings. Brandpa manually appraises all of our domains, although this process occurs after a domain is listed, and can take a week or so. Domains which are manually appraised to be exceptionally good or bad will have their ratings affected.
  5. Unreasonable pricing. A minority of sellers will list low-quality domains for unrealistically high prices, which undermines the shopping experience for our buyers. Where a domain has a high list price, unless the domain has a correspondingly high value, it will have its ranking reduced.

To avoid our search from being exploited, we don’t purposely disclose full technical details.