What is allowed in a keyword?

Keywords are individual words or phrases that someone could search for, e.g. “website” or “web design”. See what are keywords.

Brandpa automatically evaluates whether a keyword is allowed, if it can. Otherwise a member of Brandpa staff will review the keyword manually.

Why do we limit what keywords are allowed?

Keywords must be suitable for public display as a standalone page in Brandpa.

Once a keyword is used frequently enough, Brandpa gives it a public webpage, e.g. this keyword page for food. You can imagine how some keywords could be harmful if displayed in this manner, e.g. swear words, trademarks, or parts of words like “zer”.

What is allowed?

Keywords will be accepted only if they are:

  • Spelled correctly. We sometimes display keywords on our website, so we don’t want to show incorrect spellings. English words can be in American or International English. E.g. we would allow both “color/colour”, or “jewelry/jewellery”. You don’t need to add both, as we use AI to do this for you wherever possible. Common foreign words that might be recognised by English speakers (e.g. Karaoke, Pierogi, Cervaza) are permitted.
  • Whole words. E.g. we would accept “e-commerce”, not “e-com”.
  • Not offensive terms. E.g. swear words.
  • Not common trademarks. E.g. Microsoft, Google, Skype.

What keywords are substituted?

Brandpa will from time-to-time combine keywords, to create a better experience for our end users. For example, we might combine two different spellings of the same word, like “color” and “colour” into a single page.

When this happens, existing domains are automatically moved over to the new keywords. Anyone adding the old keyword will have it transformed into the new one instantly.