What marketing does Brandpa do for your domain names?

Brandpa uses a range of techniques to increase the chances that your domains sell.


Brandpa remembers what domains a visitor has looked at, and measures their potential buying signals (e.g. keywords they searched for, what domains they favourited, whether they lingered on particular domains for a long time, among many others).

We then show targeted adverts to these people, after they have visited Brandpa, on a wide range of other websites and social networks. The contents of these adverts vary, but will typically include domains they have expressed the most interest in.

Our research has shown this approach is extremely effective at increasing overall conversion rate.

Free tools and content

Brandpa offers a popular name brainstorming tool along with free guides on how to name your startup, what makes a domain hot, and more.

These help to capture visitors who are looking for a new business or domain name, but who weren’t necessarily considering paying for a domain name. Our free tools and articles introduce many more visitors to the paid domains that we do offer.

User engagement

The average Brandpa visitor spends over 8 minutes and 12 seconds browsing our website per visit. That’s over double the next highest website that sells domain names*.

The average domain on Brandpa receives almost 3 times more attention (7.5 views per month per domain, versus 2.7) as the next leading website that sells domain names, and this ratio is improving over time*.

Our bounce rate (the % of people who leave immediately after viewing one page) is also the lowest that we’ve observed from any website that sells brandable domains*.

We invest a tonne into optimising the experience of our visitors, to ensure they’re more likely to find a domain they like, and more likely to buy.

Domain discovery

We have invested heavily into building the best domain search in any website that sells brandable domains.

Most visitors spend their time searching, and by creating the best experience here, we believe we have a crucial advantage over other websites that sell domain names.

Our search engine is aware of related concepts, implied meanings, many common attributes (such as syllables or length), and is designed specifically to work with the challenging nature of brandable domain names. We even use artificial intelligence to more effectively show the buyer domains they are likely to like first.

Conversion optimisation

We carefully measure and optimise every aspect of our domain landing pages. As standard, domain landing pages:

  • Showcase 3D mock-ups of how a new domain/brand could look
  • Help buyers understand how a domain could be pronounced
  • Draw attention to key qualities of the domain, such as household names with the same number of syllables
  • Provide signs of credibility, such as customer reviews and similar domains

From our own studies, we’ve been able to over double conversion from type-in traffic to a domain, and we continue to measure and improve this.

What we don’t do

Although we share a selection of our domains via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we have found this to be a relatively weak marketing channel, and we don’t invest heavily into this area. Most people who are looking to buy a domain will do so from a search engine, or from typing in the domain they want.

We don’t believe in generic ‘brand building’ advertising that directs visitors to our homepage. We’ve experimented with this extensively, and it simply isn’t effective at increasing sales.¬†Instead we prefer to focus on people who are already looking for what we sell (e.g. via a search engine, type-in traffic, or re-targeting), and making them more likely to buy.

* All competitive data from traffic estimates by SimilarWeb. Recorded on 12th August 2020,