How does appraisal and curation work on Brandpa?

Since March 2020, Brandpa uses a unique combination of automated appraisals and manual curation to price and present domain names.

Automated appraisals

When you first submit your domains, we provide an automated appraisal of the domain’s value. This considers:

  • Past domain sales on Brandpa and elsewhere
  • Keywords
  • Market demand
  • How natural the domain sounds
  • Length
  • Syllables
  • The pattern of the domain (e.g. consonant and vowel clusters)
  • Other qualities such as alliteration

The result is either (a) a recommended price to sell for, (b) a recommendation not to sell on Brandpa, or (c) a warning that the domain is probably worth over $50k, and so we can’t reliably automatically appraise it.

The aim of the automated appraisal is to give you a quick assessment of whether a domain is likely to sell and for how much. Generally our AI is best at appraising keyword domains with similar sales in the past, but less effective at scoring invented names. We recommend you pair our automated appraisal with your own judgement.

Manual curation

After a domain is listed, we also conduct manual curation, looking for domains which are broadly appealing.

Think of it like a shop window, where the products you put up front are what tempts people into your store. This is what we are curating for. We want the first impression for new shoppers to be as positive as possible.

Manual curation affects a domain in several ways:

  • The best domains are featured on our homepage.
  • Higher rated domains are more likely to appear higher on section pages.
  • Higher rated domains are more likely to appear higher in search results.

Although manual curation can boost the ranking in search results, it is only one of many factors we consider, and does not guarantee high ranking for every search – only for relevant ones, where there is nothing else to tell two domains apart.

Curation is conducted by Brandpa after a domain is listed, typically within 1-2 days of a domain being listed. This allows you to get your domains listed as quickly as possible, and not be held up by a manual process. The majority of domains are not significantly affected by curation.