What price ranges does Brandpa accept?

When listing a domain for sale on Brandpa, the following limits apply to pricing.

Minimum pricing

  • Domains must cost at least $1,000
  • Unless they have been listed for at least 90 days, then they can be re-priced as low as $495

Maximum pricing

Domains cannot be listed for more than $50,000 unless either:

  • Brandbot’s AI says the domain is clearly worth that much, or
  • You contact Brandpa, and we choose to allow it

Note that in our experience, the vast majority of domains are not worth more than $50k, and both the seller and the website that sells domain names are harmed by setting unrealistically high prices.

Changes over time

These limits are changed from time to time. It is possible for older domains to have been priced within different limits. If new limits are applied, Brandpa does not update the pricing of existing domains to fit those new limits.