What is Brandpa’s STR?

STR stands for Sell-Through Rate, or the percentage of your domains that you should expect to sell within one full year. Measuring your STR is a common way of measuring your performance as a professional domainer.

Why Brandpa doesn’t publish an overall STR

Brandpa doesn’t publish an overall STR figure for our store, because:

  1. We allow sellers to list any domain on Brandpa, which causes the average STR to fall
  2. No other websites that sell domain names lists their STRs

In our first two years, we used to publish public figures of between 5.2 – 6.6%, which was substantially ahead of other websites that sell domain names at the time. However other websites stopped revealing their figures around the same time we did, presumably because their figures dropped as their volumes increased (as did ours).

What STR can I expect on Brandpa?

These are indicative of the kind of STRs professional sellers can expect on Brandpa:

  • Our best sellers have an STR in excess of 10%*
  • High performing sellers can expect somewhere between 5 – 8%*
  • Most sellers earn between 2 – 5%, and this group is dominated by non-professional sellers
  • Poor sellers earn nothing, and typically only list a few domains with little appreciation for their actual value

For perspective, people selling domain names outside of Brandpa typically aim for around a 1% STR rate.

Breakdown of a high performing seller

Here’s an example breakdown of a ‘high performing’ seller (not our best seller) – these are real figures:

  • Listed 400 domains on Brandpa
  • Sold 36 domains (9%)
  • Earned just over $110,000 (after commission)
  • Seller for slightly over 2 years
  • Currently selling approx 3 domains a month

Sellers like this tend to be professionals with a keep eye for quality domains that are likely to sell. Beginners should not expect figures like these. But with focused effort it’s definitely possible.

*These figures ignore sellers with fewer than 50 domains, and sellers who have been using Brandpa for less than 6 months. Otherwise we’d have a few sellers with 100% STR who got very lucky.