What is Brandbot?

Brandbot is the Artificial Intelligence which powers much of Brandpa. At the moment, Brandbot is responsible for:

  • Appraising domains when you submit them
  • Writing text to describe a domain
  • Optimising what domains appear first in search results

Brandbot is adaptive, meaning everything it does is used as a training signal for what it does in future. In this manner, we’re able to ‘teach’ Brandbot to become smarter over time.

For example: search results are ordered by Brandbot. But if people were to avoid clicking on early search results, Brandbot would “learn” to reconsider this order. We also feed in manual instructions into Brandbot, to correct gaps in its understanding.

AI doesn’t have anything like the broad understanding of a human, so edge cases can confuse Brandbot. Generally it understands domains with clear keywords in them, but it will struggle with¬† misspellings, puns, and implied meanings. If you have trouble with Brandbot’s suggestions, you can always ignore or override them.