What happened to domain analytics?

Update: a new analytics system went live on 7 March 2021

As of 12 October 2020, Brandpa has temporarily disabled analytics for our sellers. We’ve done this to cope with excessive load on our analytics system, which was causing the rest of our website to slow down to an unusable level.

This isn’t an easy decision, but we believe it’s less harmful than slowing our website down dramatically for buyers.

What caused this?

Brandpa records a huge amount of information about how visitors view the domains on our website.

An explosive growth in traffic has caused this system to become increasingly too slow to use. For example, it records all of the domains that are viewed by a user when they search, but the result is every search is becoming slower and slower to perform.

What is affected?

The seller’s “listed” screen will no longer show the number of views a domain has received. Currently we cannot log the number of views a domain has had, and this information will not be captured until a replacement system is in place.

Are analytics coming back?

We intend to bring back analytics, but there’s no quick way for us to do so. Essentially we have to rearchitect the entire way we track and aggregate visitor numbers for our whole website. Given the sheer volume of traffic, the complexity of our traffic analysis, and the number of people trying to game this system with bots etc, there’s a lot of work involved.

We’ve been working on a replacement analytics system for months, but unfortunately that isn’t ready to go live yet. We’ll be doing our best to accelerate this as much as possible.