Troubleshooting your payout settings

If you have difficulty updating your payout settings, this may help understand or fix the problem.

All of our payouts are handled by TransferWise. Brandpa’s payout system asks TransferWise what questions we should ask you, and we send your answers to TransferWise for them to check.

This means that Brandpa does not control the questions we ask you, nor do we control how your answers are validated.

If you are experiencing an error when submitting payout details, we suggest:

  • Check that you have completed all required fields correctly. Confusingly, an error in one field can sometimes cause TransferWise to report an error in another field. If your form has multiple tabs, you only need to choose and complete the fields under a single tab.
  • Pay attention to the “Recipient type”. Some accounts are limited to Personal or Business, and if your details don’t match they may be rejected.
  • Try removing any punctuation in numbers. E.g. if you entered a sort code as “01-02-03” and it was rejected, try “010203”.

TransferWise is continuously updated due to changes to banking and international law.

If you still have a problem

If you’re still unable to submit your payment details, please send us a screenshot of the whole form as it appears when you submit it. If this doesn’t fit into one screenshot, send us several. We need to see exactly what you’ve entered, and any error messages.