Troubleshooting pointing your domains to Brandpa

If your seller’s dashboard is saying you aren’t pointing your domains to Brandpa, check the following:

  • Did you recently change the DNS settings? If so, any changes can take 24 – 48 hours to be detectable, due to the nature of the Internet, even if you can see the changes yourself in your browser. The solution here is just to wait.
  • Does the domain work when you visit it in your browser? If not, follow these steps.
  • Did you click the “Check domains” button in your seller’s dashboard, under the tab where the domain appears? Doing this will check the current status of your domains (if you don’t do this, Brandpa checks for you every day automatically).
  • Are you pointing the address with “www” in front of it, e.g. Brandpa is checking for the address without the “www” prefix, e.g. Make sure this is pointing correctly.

Still no luck? Click the Submit a request link above and we’ll try to help.