Slack access for sellers

Sellers who have 30 of their own domains listed on Brandpa are eligible for access to our insider’s Slack channel. We will contact you when this happens automatically. If you believe you’ve been missed out, please contact us.

Note that this excludes domains which are transferred to your account; only domains that you submitted yourself count. If you transfer domains away to someone else, those domains still count towards your total.

Will this affect current Brandpa Slack members?

Yes. If you are already a Brandpa Slack member and don’t have 30 domain name listed (say, you were invited to join Brandpa before any of the previous rules applied), you will be removed from Brandpa Slack.

To be re-invited to our Brandpa Slack team, you need to:

  • have at least 30 domain names listed with Brandpa,
  • have the last (30th) listed domain name with us for at least one month.

Why the change?

We used to invite you when you had only 15 domain names listed. However, we’ve observed some abuse of our Brandpa Slack. For instance, we’ve had sellers who aimed to have 15 domain names listed and – after being added – either transferred them away to other users or stopped pointing them to us altogether.

Terms: please treat all members of our Slack channel with respect. If for any reason you are disrespectful to other fellow sellers or/ and encourage negative behaviour, or abuse our Slack team in any way we see inappropriate, we reserve the right to ban you from using our Slack channel.

Updated on 4/02/2019