Namecheap: How do I transfer a domain name to a different registrar?

If the domain name you’ve sold is hosted with Namecheap, and the buyer wants that domain name to be transferred to a different registrar, you will need to do the following steps:

Log in to your Namecheap account.

In your Dashboard, find the domain name that needs transferring out.

1. Click on the Manage button:

Namecheap transfer out

2. On the next page, turn off the WhoIs PROTECTION toggle:

Namecheap WhoIs Off

3. Make sure you say Yes after you are asked if you want to remove WhoIsGuard Protection:

Namecheap WhoIs Guard Off

4. Then, go to Sharing & Transfer, and scroll down to the Transfer Out area of the page. Click Unlock:

Namecheap Unlock Domain

5. After the domain name is unlocked, you will see the message Domain unlocked successfully.

6. Request the authorisation code for this domain name by clicking on the AUTH CODE button:

Authorisation code - Namecheap

7. After click on the above button, Namecheap will ask you why you are transferring the domain name out. You can choose any option you seem appropriate. After that, click on the Send code button:

Namecheap - send code

8. Now, please go to your mailbox. You should receive the authorisation code in that email. The email should look like this:

Email authorisation code

9. Copy the authorisation code provided in the email, and paste it in the area provided by the Brandpa page:

Brandpa authorisation code

If you have any questions, please let us know. You can submit a Support ticket here: Submit a ticket.