Listing your Brandpa domains elsewhere

As of March 8th, 2021, Brandpa sellers are no longer prohibited from listing their domain names for sale outside of Brandpa. Here we explain exactly how that works.

How this works

  • If you sell a domain outside of Brandpa, you MUST manually remove the domain from Brandpa. Failure to fulfil an order for a buyer is one of our most serious offences, and will usually result in a permanent ban from Brandpa.
  • Domains must still point to the Brandpa website. This means if you type in the domain name, it must take the visitor to Brandpa.
  • You cannot use or sell the logo and other design assets (e.g. 3D renders) developed by Brandpa elsewhere. The copyright for these assets is owned by Brandpa, only a person buying a whole domain from Brandpa is entitled to use these assets.
  • If you receive an order via Brandpa, you are still obligated to complete that order via Brandpa. This is our most sacrosanct rule, as it affects the experience for our buyers, who trust us to deliver the domains we offer.
  • You do not need to pay Brandpa commission if a domain sells elsewhere. Previously this was the case.

Failure to abide by these terms may result in your domain(s) being removed from the Brandpa platform, and your account being banned.

Things to consider

  • We recommend you use the same price for a domain, wherever you list it. A domain is not a commodity product on Amazon. If a buyer sees different pricing in different places, it undermines the perceived value of the domain, suggesting that it is negotiable or maybe even arbitrary.
  • Remember to remove any domains you sold from everywhere you offer them. Otherwise you may receive orders for domains you no longer possess.