FAQ for designers

How many designs can I work on?

It depends on your level. If you’ve recently joined Brandpa as a designer, your level will be Bronze. This means you can work on three designs at the same time.

Can my designer level change?

Your design level can change over time (more on Design Levels), and is determined by a combination of your rating, and logo quality. It is Brandpa staff who review the quality of your logos (and your rating) every few days.

The seller is not providing feedback for my logo, what can I do?

Please click on the “Request help” button, and one of the Brandpa representatives will join your conversation (if needed, they will help communicate any changes that need to be made to the design too) and approve it for you if needed.

If I don’t get a rating for my logo, will it affect my overall rating?

If there is no rating at all on logos, it does not affect the rating.

Can I receive payments via PayPal?

We don’t use PayPal as our Payout option. The payment for your logo design work is made via Transferwise (you can set up a currency account here: Transferwise Borderless) or directly to your bank.

When can I withdraw my payments for logo designs I’ve made?

Currently, our designers are paid on a monthly basis (on the 11th of every month) or sooner (if requested directly by them). We are currently working on adding a feature where our designers can withdraw their funds themselves.