Introducing keywords, domain optimisation, and more

We’re rolling out a range of updates to the Brandpa’s website today which affect all sellers.


Our most-requested feature is here: the ability to set custom keywords to help with the discover of your domains.

Setting keywords in Brandpa

Keywords allow buyers to search for words and expressions which aren’t inside the domain itself.

Domain optimisation

We anticipate many sellers will want to take advantage of keywords, as well as the new pronunciation feature introduced a couple of days ago.

To make this easier, we’ve added a new Optimise screen that shows all of your domains, and how optimised they are:

New Optimise screen in Brandpa

This includes a progress bar, showing what percentage of your domains take full advantage of all of our listing features.

If you click on a domain on this screen, you’ll be shown what parts of a listing can be improved. Each domain’s current optimisation is shown in the top right corner:

New optimisation view for a single domain

Domain listings

Our domain listing pages have a revised design:

Key changes:

  • 3D renders are now just below the logo (on desktop)
  • Ideas are now links to other domains
  • Added “similar domains” near the bottom

This is the latest result of our testing of what elements of the page are most likely to cause a sale. As always, we’ll continue to measure our performance and improve over time.