Improved domain search, wave rankings, and more

Searching in hot air balloon

Brandpa’s domain search has been rebuilt to give buyers a much better experience.

Concept searches

Searching Brandpa for “sleep” will return matches for domains like “Nappable” and “Snoozemate”, even though these domains don’t contain the word “sleep”:

Top matches for "sleep" on Brandpa

Brandpa now attempts to understand the concepts and behind what the user is searching for, not just their text.

To do this, we’ve built an AI model that understands relationships between search terms, e.g. it knows that “napping” is related to “sleeping”, or that “hippo” is a type of “animal”.

Related searches

To help our shoppers, we now suggest related searches at the top of their results. For example, a search for “food” will suggest exploring “diet & nutrition”, “hungry”, “agriculture” and more:

Wave rankings

We’ve long heard that websites that sell domain names can tend to bury older domains, making them less likely to sell over time.

To counter this, we’re launching an experimental technology we call wave rankings. Over the course of 30 days every single domain now goes through a wave of ranking higher and lower on our main domain listings page, like so:

Sine Wave Definition

This cycle lasts 30 days. Each domain starts at a different place on the cycle.

The result is that older domains will be more likely to be shown on our main listings page, and that newer domains will be shown slightly less often overall.

We still strongly prefer to show good quality domains first, but the age of a listing will no longer cause a domain to fade away forever. Learn more about wave rankings.

Viability rankings

Brandpa is now better at predict the kinds of domains that are more likely to sell, and at ranking those higher.

In particular, this will tend to penalise domains which data indicates our buyers don’t like. If a domain is say priced at $50k but has very low signals of quality, it will be lowered in search ranking results.

This technology is adaptive, and automatically learns from our buyers and their purchases over time. Learn more about our domain rankings.