Lower listing fees, faster changes, and more

Terms of service

We’re pleased to announce a number of changes we think will improve the experience for Brandpa sellers. As of March 7th, 2021:

  • All domain listings on Brandpa now cost $5 each. Previously sellers paid $8 if they joined after March 2020, or $5 if they joined before.
  • Sellers are now given free listings if they sell enough domains.
  • Sellers can now change the price of their domain names every 30 days. Previously this was every 90 days. As before, sellers cannot change the price of a domain that is currently under offer.
  • Sellers can now remove a domain from Brandpa without any notice*. Previously you had to give 14 days notice. If a domain is being sold, or is currently under offer, you cannot remove it.
  • We now allow sellers to list their domains on other marketplaces, so long as they continue to point those domains to Brandpa. In other words, if someone types in your domain, they must be taken to Brandpa. Previously listing your domains on other marketplaces was prohibited and could result in your account being banned.

*Update on March 8: The original version of this post said you had to give 7 days notice. We have since changed this to require no notice.