Introducing seller levels and benefits

As of today, Brandpa automatically award all of our sellers one of the following optional levels, with benefits.

Requirements for each level

Your level is awarded based on how much you’ve sold on Brandpa in the last 12 months:

  • Bronze – sold $3,000 / year
  • Silver – sold $10,000 / year
  • Gold – sold $20,000 / year
  • Platinum – sold $40,000 / year
  • Diamond – sold $80,000 / year

You can see your current level below your name, after logging in:

Showing seller level at the top of seller dashboard

The current amount you have sold is shown on the same screen, near the bottom right:

Breakdown of sales by all time / year


Each level receives a certain number of free domain listings on Brandpa each month:

  • Bronze – 3 free listings / month (36 / year)
  • Silver – 10 free listings / month (120 / year)
  • Gold – 20 free listings / month (240 / year)
  • Platinum – 40 free listings / month (480 / year)
  • Diamond – 80 free listings / month (960 / year)

A free listing allows you to list a domain on Brandpa at no cost. Free listings are awarded on the first day of each month, and expire when the next month begins.

All silver and higher members automatically gain access to Brandpa’s Slack channel, a community of Brandpa staff and other high ranking sellers.

We have several other features in the works which will reward our sellers as their level increases.

The details

  • Levels are recalculated daily, based on domain sales which have been paid for in the past 12 months.
  • Tax is excluded from domain sale totals.
  • If a sale is refunded, the value of that sale is deducted, which may affect a seller’s level.
  • From time-to-time Brandpa may update our criteria and benefits for seller levels. Any such changes can take effect immediately and without prior notice.
  • Sellers can have their level reduced or removed for bad behaviour, solely at Brandpa’s discretion.