Sometimes, DNS resolution problems (see explained below) can occur due to network issues or problems with the DNS infrastructure. This can lead to intermittent or inconsistent resolution of your domain, giving the impression that the nameservers are not pointing to the right place. These issues are usually temporary and can resolve themselves over time.

If your domain name is seen as if it is not pointing to Brandpa, you’ll receive an email from Brandpa that is a bit like this:

Domain name removed sue to not pointing to Brandpa

Your domain name will stay in this “suspended” state for 72 hrs (during which Brandpa checks 2 more times if the domain name is pointing to us). If it is, it will be re-listed for sale. If it is not, it will be removed from our website.

If the domain name was removed from Brandpa, even though you know it’s still pointing to Brandpa’s nameservers, you can try and re-list it yourself. Read more how here: My domain name has been removed from Brandpa. Can I re-list it for sale?

DNS resolution – refers to the process of translating human-readable domain names, such as “,” into IP addresses that computers can understand and use to communicate over the internet. When you enter a domain name into a web browser or any other network application, the application needs to obtain the corresponding IP address to establish a connection with the appropriate server.