Changes to Brandpa pricing

As of 19th July 2020, Brandpa’s domain pricing has changed:

  • Sellers cannot list new domains for less than $1,000 USD (previously $495)
  • However, after a domain has been listed for 90 days, sellers are allowed to discount that domain to as low as $495 USD.
  • All domains priced below $1,000 are now listed in a new Bargain domains section of our website.
  • Brandbot is now more aggressive at rejecting low-value domains. If a domain is appraised below $1,000, it won’t recommend listing it (you can still override this if you wish).

These changes are part of our ongoing efforts to maintain a quality website that sells brandable domains.

Most of our customers buy domains priced between $2000 – $4000 USD, which is usually a sweet spot for buyers and sellers. These changes allow sellers to sell-off their less effective inventory at a discount, but discourage listing lower price / quality domains.

We’ll continue to monitor the effectiveness of these changes and refine them as needed.